On the Go! With Kilta Coffee

Wondering How To Travel & Still Make Your Own Great Cup of Kilta Coffee?

Travelling generally takes much planning and effort in itself. But it doesn't mean you have to leave your favorite coffee behind. You can still have your freshly roasted coffee beans, freshly ground, and freshly brewed coffee while in transit. Here’s how…

1) Bring your freshly roasted, whole bean pack/s of Kilta Coffee.

2) Bring a hand crank coffee grinder. Grind the coffee just before you brew it.

3) Bring either:

an AeroPress Set OR

a French Press + coffee scoop (preferably 10 g/scoop) + spoon.

4) Brew at a place where they can provide you with fresh, clean, hot water and a cup; OR you can bring your own small electric kettle and cup, and buy bottled mineral water.

Brewing Technique for Aeropress: Stir the coffee mixture for 30 seconds, and then press down/filter it into the cup, gently and slowly for another 30 seconds.

5) If available at the place, you can choose to add milk or sugar to your coffee, OR bring sugar packs.


Simply bring with you KILTA'S POUR OVER BAGS!


Travel & Still Enjoy your favorite Cuppa!



- by Kilta Family



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