We basically enjoy the coffee ..but can add that what we also like is that the Company is always evolving, Innovating & exploring new beans from sustainable plantations like those from Nagaland ; introduction of Organic is also a good step forward ! - Punam Chopra

Perfect cuppa and on time delivery! - Puja Chawla

Excellent flavor. Timely delivery. - Varun Tuli

Great tasting Himalayan coffee, glad there are other regions in India from which coffee is being sourced now - Anushka Sinha

Excellent pour over coffee. Perfect start for the day. - Vibhav Verma

Great taste. - Kartik Gandhi

Perfect travel partner. My experience with pour over kits was expecting weak coffee. Kilts is strong with the right consistency - Sonam

The coffee is beautiful and dark, and yet so extremely well balanced. If like me, you enjoy a cup ( Read – Big Mug ) of dark, deep and no bullshit coffee then this is the way to go. – Chaitali Agarwal

Brewed this one for breakfast today. One of the smoothest aromas and great flavour! – Sahil Marhawa

Trying (Kilta Coffee) for the first time – aromatic, less acidic ( how I like the French Press ), and a good mouth feel – Eeshaan Kashyap

An amazing expression with an incredible bouquet. Deep, dark and well balanced. Absolutely loved it! – Robin Lehon Hjarta

Hard to espresso my feelings of how brew-ti-ful it came out. You mocha me very happy – Shreya Soni

Brilliant Stuff – Sunny Sara

As Italians, we can assure that you rarely find such a good espresso or cappuccino even in our best caffe’ or bars. Since I discovered Kilta coffee, our breakfast jumped from the stinky instant powder to the best aroma of a real coffee! – Umberto Sartori

Excellent coffee and fast delivery, even up here in the mountains! – Umberto Sartori

Excellent taste and smell. Looking forward to trying all blends - Sidharth Talwar

The BEST Coffee I’ve Tasted! Perfect Coffee=Kilta❤️ My Day is made everyday!! Thank You Kilta Coffee Co. - Alisha Silas

The best I’ve had - -
Having tasted coffee across the globe and needing 4 cups of Espresso on average to get me through a day I can declare that the brew I get from the fresh beans of Kilta must rank at the very top. Keep up the stellar work and the fresh beans. - Dr. Zarir F. Udwadia

Value for money
Excellent seamless service from ordering to delivery. Beautiul packaging. Outstanding coffee quality. - ‘Coffee Lover’

Excellent quality and taste - Nimesh Makharia

This is an excellent coffee - Puneet Bhambi

Best coffee ever. ☕❤️😍 I really love it. Good job Kilta. Have a Brew-ti-ful day. 😃 - Solace Vemai

It came on time which is more then most Indian companies can manage apart from being excellent coffee – Meenal Agarwal

Very personalized service and excellent coffee . Just opening the bag and getting a whiff of the coffee is amazing and then the actual flavour after the brew – Meenal Agarwal

Easy to navigate website. A pretty wide selection. Smooth payment process and next day delivery as was promised .. Enjoy receiving your cute promotions too … - Punam Chopra

Brilliant roasts. We use Kilta exclusively at The Orchard Manor in Goa which hosts the most discerning guests, and every guest has loved our coffee. Shipping is spot on and on time always. Keep up the good work. – Ozzy Serrao

The only elixir to walk me throughout the day. Almost 10 months and on with the Kilta Family.😉😊 - Hridesh Khaitan

Finally a good cup of coffee - Ajay Suthar

Great Coffee. Great Delivery speed. Always helpful - Pradeep Bery

Love the coffee ! Great taste ! Great aroma ! Like we’ve got a Barista at home 👍 - Vibha Vig

Like a lot of you I love my coffee... not just any coffee but the good stuff and this is the good stuff. - UD

Finally a coffee that’s coffee. The flavours are full and no acidity in the after taste - Rakesh Talwar

Great product. - Bhawnish Suri

One of the best coffees I've tried in India. They know what it's all about!! Were super quick at sending the order out too. - Cindy Khrime

Amazing coffee! Prompt delivery!! - Anmol Sud

Fantastic Coffee, Before Time Delivery, & my whole Pantry smells. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE now!!!!! Thank you for your seamless service, as always! - Vidur Parashar

The best…....No other words can describe it. - Hridesh Khaitan

Amazing coffee... - Ravindra Anand

I have been having Kilta for more then a year, now. They are not acidic like the other coffees in india. Truly international - Meenal Agarwal

 Excellent and very tasty coffee ! Enjoyed thoroughly! Will positively order again! - Manisha Kapoor

Phenomenal Coffee - Every Blend is Bold & Distinct! Can't wait to get through them all!!! - Vidur Parashar

Prompt delivery and consistent quality every time. Non Acidic - Rakesh Talwar

Excellent coffee which is roasted perfectly and ground as per my requirement. Highly recommend Kilta Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Viennese. - Sidharth

Enjoying the Pour Over Kilta. I always carry so much coffee paraphernalia when I travel in India and this is so convenient. Will just carry a couple of boxes of these next time. Just love the aroma in the coffee. Have tried so many brands in India, this is way better than I expected. - Anuradha Sarin Khurana


Reviews of Specific Blends/Roasts:

House Blend Medium Roast

Excellent smooth and soft taste. - Sidharth Talwar

Love it. 😍 Keep brewing. 😃 - Solace Vemai

Coffee shop experience at home! What more can one want during these times. The aroma as the coffee is brewing and the taste are pleasing. - Jaideep Bhatia

I find this perfect for daily use in the morning. Rich mouthful, medium body, long lasting taste. - Hridesh Khaitan

One of the best coffees. Super fresh. Amazing delivery. It's my go to everyday morning cup - Dinesh Anand


House Blend Dark Roast

Absolutely loved the House Blend dark. For a morning cuppa, it was like the embrace of a snug quilt packing enough punch to wake you up! The brew was smooth, had a nice undertone I haven't quite been able to identify! The aroma had me grinning! The Pour over is something I would carry when travelling as a SOS cuppa, but if at home would likely use it as an afternoon cup. Unfortunately, no aroma here. Shipment arrived quite fast, well packed. The 5-stars are for the House Blend Dark! Thank you! - Kirti Kapoor

A daily brew that just works for me - Arvind Philipose

One of best blend available in India - AK

When you need intense aroma, long mouthfeel and a dash of milk to enhance the flavour profile this is your go to coffee.. - Hridesh Khaitan

So so happy with the Kilta dark roast house blend.... - Michelle Dsouza Rego

Full and round flavour, no back acidity intense scent, very low impact on heart activity. Perfect for moka espresso. - Umberto Sartori


Vienna Blend

Absolutely love my morning coffee ritual and Kilta's Vienna blend apart from being delicious and flavourful is also less acidic. Sooo good you've got to try it - Divya Pandurangam

My favourite coffee. Best thing to start the day with - Pradeep Bery

Perfect blend of medium and dark, intense aroma from the medium roast and slight smokiness and great body from the dark roast… - Hridesh Khaitan

Love it! Best coffee in India. - Jamie Mehra

Love this blend! So smooth, strong, aromatic yet non-acidic! - Jaspreet Kukreja

Aromatic, not acidic , a robust pick -me- up; pair it with a chocolate chip cookie or chewy Brownie n life is good! - Punam Chopra

Sublime blend. Added to my daily. - Chandra Kumar

I like the Vienna blend very much. It's not acidic like most Indian coffee beans . Their service is prompt and personal. I think I am just very happy to have them in my life - Meenal Agarwal

I love it. One of the best coffee. 😃 - Solace Vemai


French Roast

 excellent coffee ! - Raj Naresh Singh

 Being a coffee lover. Highly recommend the French roast - Gaurav Seth

 Perfectly roasted and a perfect mix of aroma and taste. Totally makes my every morning beautiful. - Nupur Goel


Thank you so much! It is our great pleasure to serve you!