What's in a Name and Why is it Important?

It has been said that a Name is a Crucial Way of Understanding Someone or Something. So then, why is our Name KILTA?

KILTA is the name of the conical basket that is worn like a backpack, and is used by the locals in the Himalayan region for various purposes, like carrying fodder, freshly harvested herbs, fruits, wood, construction materials, or as containers of grains and other farm products. We chose this name for the cafe that we opened in this mountain region, in Appreciation of and to Honour the Hardworking Folk, whom we saw working diligently, using kilta baskets for their daily chores.

Now that we have moved from the mountainous areas to the plains, and are in full throttle in Coffee Roasting, we have chosen to continue with the name; this time, as Kilta Coffee Co. This is to equally Honour all the "unseen & unsung" Farming Communities, working tirelessly in the Coffee Belt around the World. They also use similar baskets to carry those precious Coffee Cherries. Indeed, "Where Would We Be, without their Remarkable Perseverance & Resilience?"

We,  at  K - I - L - T - A

can only do Justice to these Coffee Farmers & You, Coffee Lovers alike, as we embody the following values:

K - KAFFE/COFFEE is our Love Language. We are Coffee Aficionados, Geeks & Roasters. We only offer Blends & Roasts which we Ourselves have judged as Excellent, and We Cup & Evaluate them Daily.

I - IN LINE with our Philosophy, we only Purchase Premium Grade, Export Quality Green Beans for Roasting.

L - LOVE & DO: Traditional European-Style Roasts, with Bold, Distinct & Full Flavours.

T - TAKE TIME to Definitely Determine what is the Best Roast Profile that will Bring Out the Best Character of Each 'Type' of Coffee (Variety-wise, Processing-wise & Blend-wise).

A - ALWAYS Deliver Fresh Roasted Coffee, as Fast as Possible!


- by Team Kilta



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