The Kilta Coffee Wagon!

The Kilta Coffee Wagon!

Reading a very interesting book on the history of tea, I can imagine that someday too, fresh roasted premium quality coffee will not just be confined to the enjoyment of several people inside beautiful coffee shops, but will eventually break out to be relished by everyone - in every place, by any means.

For instance, just a few decades ago, we were very much dependent on landlines or pay phones. Now, 'everyone' has a cell phone. The craze of the dumb phones and 'who can send the quickest text messages without looking at the keyboard' came and went in a jiffy. Today, everyone seems to do everything through their smart phones - a computer, a television, a camera/video cam, a flash light, a wrist watch, or even a dressing mirror! is not necessary anymore. Virtually, everything is already an app. We are reeling with the big strides of technology, and AI, but it goes without saying that somebody or some group thought of and created the craze, the fad, and 'drove in the band wagon,' for everyone to join in and 'go forth to the next adventure!'

We started conceptualizing in South India, and dreamt of introducing Fresh Roasted Premium Quality Coffee in one of the northernmost parts of India. We were by no means, alone, in this dream, and soon enough, Coffee Roasters, like festive fireworks began lighting things up in the Northern region! It is not uncommon anymore to hear of people buying their own sophisticated coffee grinding and brewing machines and various decorative gadgets for home use. Buzz words like Estate, Altitude, Specialty, Pour Over packs, Arabica vs. Robusta beans, light & dark roasts, flavours, grind size, which brewing method, how many shots, latte art, cappuccino foam, are all in the air.

To further add to the burgeoning enthusiasm for coffee, we are introducing the KILTA WAGON, with the byline 'GREAT COFFEE FOR EVERYONE!' This is our chic version of the mobile cafe concept that is very popular and much appreciated in many areas around the world for a fun, dynamic, and creative way of serving fresh roasts and brews.

As Kilta Wagon, we had our debut 'flight performance' at the famous India Design 2024 Showcasing Platform held in Delhi in February. We are currently pulling shots and serving refreshing drinks at G3 Level, Outdoor, The Hub, Max Towers, Noida Sector 16, NCR India, M-F, 9am-6pm. We would love to see you there!

BUY 4, GET 1 FREE. Grab your brews now - SIP. SAVOUR. SHARE!

- by Team Kilta

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