Great Coffee is not a destination, it's a journey, so let's get started!

First we've gotta lay down the Rules - there Ain't Any!

Well, maybe that's a bit facetious, extreme, and inaccurate. However, this open mindset is a good way to approach making coffee, because if we Experiment as we go along, we will find that Perfect Cup Just. For. Us.

As an example, my wife enjoys a light and mild cup, which she attains by using lighter roasts, and/or by using a higher percentage of water. I. on the other hand, like a bunch of mouthfeel in my cup, and I obtain that by a higher ratio of coffee to water. There are Thresholds in these ratios that can be crossed, where your gains will become losses, going from a better to a worse experience. So, like a scientist, we have to move incrementally in our discoveries.

Take some notes, observe the differences small changes make, and I hope to meet you sometime on our Coffee Journey!

Your Coffee Geek,


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